Monday, October 20, 2008

Required Reading 10/20

Is Capitalism Dead?
The market that failed was not exactly free.

Joe The Plumber Paves Way For Tax Offensive by Dick Morris
The top 1% of earners currently pay 40% of all income tax revenues.

Bad Weather Was Good For Alaska Glaciers
Never before in the history of a research project dating back to 1946 had the Juneau Icefield witnessed the kind of snow buildup that came this year.

Thirty Years Of Warmer Temperatures Go Poof
The number of climate change skeptics is growing rapidly. Because a funny thing is happening to global temperatures.....they're going down, not up.

How Felons Who Vote Can Tip An Election by John Lott
How much is your vote worth? Apparently, less than it used to be. The registration and multiple registration of so many people who shouldn't be voting means your vote is diluted by fraudulent votes.