Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Required Reading 10/28

McCain Doesn't Look Competitive In Pennsylvania
Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than ever.

An Obamanomics Preview
Tax and spend, but not in that order.

Obama vs. His Advisers
On health care, they once liked McCain's principles.

In Pursuit Of Votes
The Democrats sacrifice one of their own.

Dems Mull Post-Election Axelrod Role
No subject is more avidly considered in the corridors of Democratic power than the future role of his chief adviser.

Shame, Cubed by Bill Whittle
Three separate reasons to be appalled, each more disgusting than the last.

Unqualified by Mark Goldblatt
Let's talk about Joe Biden.

Judge This by Thomas Sowell
Obama and the law.

Justice On The Ballot by Jonathan Adler
The Ohio supreme court has become more restrained. Will this continue after November 4th?

The L.A. Times Suppresses Obama's Khalidi Bash Tape
Obama, Ayers, and PLO supporters toast Edward Said's successor, but the press doesn't think it's quite as newsworthy as Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

John McCain, Against The Wind by Byron York
Behind in the polls? It's amazing he's still in it at all.

The Palins On The Trail by Mark Hemingway
Swinging through the swing state of Virginia.

Common-Sense Justice In Alaska by Marie Gryphon
The Lower 48 would benefit from the Last Frontier's loser-pays rule.

From Panic To Depression by Phil Kerpen
The dangers of blaming free trade, low taxes, and flexible labor markets for our current troubles.