Monday, November 10, 2008

Required Reading 11/10

Five Days At The End Of The World by Andrew Klavan
My visit to Afghanistan, and the War on Terror movie that Hollywood would never make.

Why I'll Miss President Bush by Jim Towey
He had a charge to keep, and he kept it.

Crichton's Wisdom
He understood that even scientists fall to temptations of fame, profit, and power.

Ryan For Republicans
The party needs an economic spokesman.

Rahm Emanuel: "Do What You Got Elected To Do"
The incoming chief of staff says expect a pragmatic White House.

The Polls Show That Reaganism Is Not Dead by Scott Rasmussen
Mr. Obama ran like Reagan. Will he be able to govern that way too?

What An Obama Victory Means For Racial Politics by Juan Williams
Barack Obama's election is both an astounding political victory, and the end of an era for black politics.

Nationalizing Detroit
The irony of government stepping in to solve another crisis they created themselves.

Pay As You Go Is Gone
The double standard of government spending in an Obama administration.

Don't Repeat Errors Of New Deal by Amity Shlaes
The New Deal inspired but it is the wrong deal for the country, even now.

The Lost Art Of War by Andrew Klavan
Hollywood's anti-American war films don't measure up to the glories of its patriotic era.

First Bush-Obama Meeting: Hard Feelings And Hand Sanitizer
As President Bush and President-elect Barack Obama prepare for their post-election meeting at the White House on Monday, memories of their first encounter linger.

Obamas Arrive For Meetings At White House With First Couple
President-elect Barack Obama arrived early with his wife Michelle to meet with President Bush and first lady Laura Bush for a discussion about the transition of power.

Braggistan In The America Of The Imagination by Andrew Klavan
Why the military loses the information war.

GOP Dog Days by Bill Kristol
It could be a tough 8 years for conservatives.

Washington Post Concedes Bias For Obama
The WaPo ombudsman tells us what we already know.

America's True Genius
There goes that change word again.

Post-Racial Preference America by Ken Blackwell
Race is not an insurmountable obstacle to success in today's America.

Restoring Reaganism by Deroy Murdock
Tis the season for recriminations.

The Death Of The American Idea by Mark Steyn
An electorate living high off the entitlement hog.