Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Required Reading 11/11

'Intellectuals' by Thomas Sowell
Ignorance has consequences.

Tiger Woods On Golf, Obama, And The Economy
"My father would have cried."

The Culture War And Barack Obama by Bill O'Reilly
You dance with the one who brung ya.

McCain Owes Sarah Some Straight Talk
Where is John McCain's honor when we need it?

Take Some Political Risks by Paul Ryan
The greatest threat to our nation's future prosperity is the explosion of entitlement spending.

(D.) For Vendetta
The champagne is barely off the ice and Dems are already celebrating their new majorites by punishing a few heretical colleagues.

John Edwards To Reemerge At Indiana University
Go back in your hole.

Soldiers Of The Great War
Whether our costly achievement in Iraq will hold depends largely on our willingness to support the Iraqi government and steel it against its own fascistic challengers.

The Bailout Of The Bailout Of....
The rescue medicine was killing the patient.

Diversity Is Destiny
Targeting the hispanic vote.

Stay Faithful To Core Values
To regain a majority, Republicans must embrace core values with such conviction that Americans will welcome where Republicans will lead them in the future.

Listen. Adapt. Be Positive.
Words from the future leader of the RNC.

What Would Reagan Do?
This is not the first time that conservatives have stared into an electoral abyss.

Above All, Obama's A Pol
Barack Obama may be the King Of Cool, but his followers are afflicted with brain fever.

Liberal Censorship And Its Roots by David Limbaugh
Obama and the Censorship Doctrine.

Put California In Play
Hispanics show traditional values but pull the lever for Obama.

Is 2008 A Realignment?
Realignment is an overused term.

Obama Urges Bush To Help Auto Industry
A head start on socialism.

Obamas Depart White House After Meetings With First Couple
The Obamas get a tour.

Minnesota Ripe For Election Fraud by John Lott
There is nothing funny about Minnesota's recount.

Obama Victory Raises Social Significance Of Basketball by Scoop Jackson
What happens when ignorant people write.

Soldiers Win by David French
Post-election reflections on Iraq.

Pride Of A Nation by James Robbins
Vets Day.

GOP Gears Up For 2012
Looking at the future of the GOP.

Palin Allies: She's No Diva
'I never asked for anything more than a Diet Dr Pepper'

White House Kitchen Staff Prepares for Obamas
The First Family has the privilege of putting its own personal taste on the presidential mansion.