Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Required Reading 11/12

Obama's Car Puzzle
If consumers really wanted green cars, no mandate would be necessary.

Obama's Lame Duck Opportunity
Let Bush take the free-trade heat.

Is Now The Time To Buy Stocks?
Here is what the historical evidence suggests.

Mischief In Minnesota
Al Franken's recount isn't funny.

Same Old Berlin Wall
In Germany, a limit to the change we can believe in.

Kurdistan Is A Model For Iraq
Our path to a secular, federal democracy is inspired by the U.S.

This Election Has Not Realigned The Country
What 2008 has in common with 1980.

Goodbye To All That
A cheap cynicism has brought us to disaster. Let's try a little audacity.

The Palin Factor
What the polls say about Sarah.

Win One For The Messiah by Victor Davis Hanson
Excuse me if I remain unmoved by the misguided religious fervor.

To Your Battle Stations by Tony Blankley
Calling all hearty conservatives.

Camille Paglia On Obama, Palin And The Next Four Years
I still like Sarah Palin.

Four More Boilermakers
Meet the 2009 Recruiting Class.

McCain Defends Palin In Post-Election TV Interview
'She inspired people. She still does.'

I'm A Strong Believer You Have To Obey The Law
A look ahead at Obama's immigration policy.

The GOP Looking Glass by Jonah Goldberg
Was George W Bush a conservative president?

GOP Comeback? Been There, Done That by Michael Medved
Drawing parallels to 1992.

Here Are Your Assignments by John Pitney
The road to political recovery.

Dubya And Zuni by Michelle Malkin
The rest of the story on Obama's illegal-alien aunt.

Yes, He Can! by Dave Konig
Celebrate Joe.

GOP Looking Glass by Jonah Goldberg
The Right future.

Broadcast Blackout Of Left's 'Fairness' Doctrine Push
The Censorship Doctrine.

'Why Believe In A God?' Ad Campaign Launches On D.C. Buses
There is a new combatant in the Christmas wars.

Detroit Comes Begging by Rich Lowery
Can we save corporate dinosaurs that have been mismanaged for decades? Yes we can!

Economic Change We Need by Iain Murray
Challenging Obama and Congress to demonstrate they're all about change.

President Palin? Alaska Governor Ponders Her Future
Palin moves deeper into the spotlight.

The New Face Of The Republican Party
Some perspective.