Friday, November 14, 2008

Required Reading 11/14

Bush Shows Obama The Way by Larry Kudlow
The president reminds the president-elect that free-market capitalism is the best path to prosperity.

GameDay Flag Relay Is Worth A Salute
The story behind the WSU flag.

Gingrich Says GOP Is Outmatched
The Republican Party right now is like a midsize college team trying to play in the Superbowl.

Biden To Meet Cheney At Vice President's Mansion
The 'most dangerous VP in history.'

Sometimes ESPN Just Can't Win by Le Anne Schreiber
ESPN has miniscule margin on mistakes, apologies.

The Healer: Tom Crean Wins Over IU Family By Honoring Past by Terry Hutchens
We've heard this before Terry.

Weis' Answers To Critics Should Be Alarming by John Walters
Notre Dame is getting better players, but the coaching is what's lacking.

Targeting Your 401k
Congress has an eye on the tax break for your retirement.

That G-20 Show
Obama is right to keep his distance from this photo shoot.

Stable Money Is The Key To Recovery
How the G-20 can rebuild the 'capitalism of the future.'

Nancy Pelosi's Motown Juggling Act
If there was a moment that highlights to what extent the Democratic Party has become captive to its special interests, this might be it.

How To Win In Afghanistan
A minisurge is not enough. We need more Afghan security forces.

Why Spending Stimulus Plans Fail
What Congress gives to some it takes away from others.

Zimbabwe Is On The Ropes
What the world can do to help.

Restoring Financial Stability
Use Japan's experience as a guide to near-term problems...then think bigger.

America Throws Long
If Obama doesn't connect, more than the game is lost.

Can Newt Save The GOP?
He may be the jolt of energy his party needs.

Palin, The Governors, And The New Power In The Republican Party by Byron York
After an across the board defeat, charting the future.

Barack The Youthful by Rich Lowry
Youthfulness is the idiom of the American politics.

Obama Lexicon by Mark Hemingway
Neologisms for the age of hope and change.

Keep Right by Jonah Goldberg
The GOP would simple cease to exist as a viable party without the support of social and religious conservatives.

Sanctimonious Stone Throwers By David Limbaugh
Speaking of elitists, its time to address their contempt for rural and southern America, particularly their ongoing smear of the South as racist.

The Encroaching Command Economy by Charles Krauthammer
Dems want you to subsidize an industry made unprofitable by Dem policies.

Hank Paulson, Naked Emperor by Michelle Malkin
The man who doesn't know what the hell he's doing.

Next Up For Nationalization: The Internet
Network neutrality means less technological innovation...and less freedom too.

Bailout To Nowhere by David Brooks
Granting immortality to Detriot's Big Three does not enhance creative distruction. It retards it.

Purdue Aims For The Top Of The Big Ten
3 years ago, Purdue was last in the Big Ten, this season its favored to win it.

History of NSA Leaves Out Its Successes
Agency tells story but keeps victories secret.

Couric Studied With Anti-Palin Advisors Before Palin Interview
MSM Malfeasance.