Sunday, November 16, 2008

Required Reading 11/16

The Surest Path Back To Prosperity by George W. Bush
If you seek economic growth, social justice and human dignity, the free-market system is the way to go.

Corporate Hell-Raiser
An interview with Carl Icahn.

Palin's Coattails
Her popularity saved Don Young.

The Meltdown That Wasn't
A primer on credit default swaps, the latest Beltway scapegoat.

Martian Triumph
A cause for hope in a year of uncertainty.

Stimulate Car Buyers, Not Car Makers
Government rebates would do less harm than a bailout.

The GOP Can Again Be A Power In Michigan
Low taxes worked for Obama. Why not for Republicans?

Don't Bail Out My State
South Carolina's governor says more debt isn't the answer.

Nightmare On Constitution Avenue
'Election Day' won't end until Democrats have 60.