Monday, November 17, 2008

Required Reading 11/17

Why Bankruptcy Is The Best Option For GM
Chapter 11 would better preserve the valuable parts of the company than an ad hoc bailout.

Spitzer As Victim
This guy makes Bill Lerach seem remorseful.

Dodd's 'Democrat' Tightens His Grip
The next logical step in what is the Venezuelan president's drive to seize all power and silence all dissent.

The $639 Million Loophole
Obama's riches, and the humiliation of campaign reformers.

To Prevent Bubbles, Restrain The Fed
Obama would be a fool to trust his economy to the discretion of central bankers.

As California Neighborhood Burned, Two Little Houses Survived
Conejo Road homes cheated flames through flower power -- and sheer luck.

Fighting Traffic Jams With Data
Researchers develop ways for cars to 'talk' to each other and send warnings.

Ex-Rivals Stand To Gain From Meeting
McCain and Obama working together....scary.

George W. Hoover by William Kristol
A moment of opportunity for Republican governors.

Recession Will Be Less Damaging Without Bailouts
When times are bad, you find out who you are.

Republicans Ask: Just How Bad Is It?
Generational differences in the GOP.

Love In The Time Of Darwinism
A report from the chaotic postfeminist dating scene, where only the strong survive.

A Future For U.S. Conservatives
There's a great deal of stuffing left in the Reagan coalition.

SEC Charges Mark Cuban With Insider Trading
From the IU School of Ethics.

Charlie Weis Alienates Irish Supporters
Losses, criticism piling up for Irish's Weis.

Mark Cuban And The Insider-Trading Deal From Hell
Not even for a profit.

Cuban Wrongdoing Case Not What The NBA Needs Right Now by J.A. Adande
It would be easy for the NBA to downplay the insider trading allegation against Mark Cuban if not for that nefarious referee Tim Donaghy.

Is An MBA Worth It?
Taking shelter during the downturn.