Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Required Reading 11/18

Tarp The TARP by Larry Kudlow
It's time for a reality check about what works and what doesn't in fighting recession and promoting long-term economic growth.

How Obama Got Elected
A 10 minute documentary showing how Obama voters' views were shaped by the mainstream media.

The Environmental Motor Company
Making Detroit a subsidiary of the Sierra Club.

'No Excuses' For LIberals
With the election of Barack Obama and huge Democratic majorities in Congress, liberals must now practice something other than the politics of mostalgia and what-if.

Iraq 'Fails' Upward
Iraq's security deal with U.S. shows gains amid 'failure' mantras.

Why GM Deserves Support by Rick Wagoner
Short-term government backing can preserve a vital industry.

Pirates Exploit Confusion About International Law
The connection between human-rights scolds and the rise of crime on the high seas.

Pirates' Delight
Other thugs will come if we don't punish the Somali pirates.

The Lieberman Pardon
Democrats decide they still need the Connecticut Senator.

I'm Still Inspired By John McCain
He was right to keep Rev. Wright out of it.

Obama Hears A Giant Sucking Sound
His legacy is spent before he gets his hands on it.

It's Time To Give Voters The Liberalism They Want
Don't believe pundits who say there's a centrist mandate.

Our Spendthrift States Don't Need A Bailout
Governors need to learn to use fat years to prepare for lean ones.