Sunday, November 2, 2008

Required Reading 11/2

Obama Says He Didn't Know Aunt's Illegal Status
The Illinois senator's aunt has been residing in Boston public housing since her request for asylum was denied four years ago.

A Cut For Life by Stephen Spruiell
You can never be reminded often enough of what does really matter, and for that, I probably owe that barber more than $17.25.

Loving Sarah In Middle America by Byron York
With the vice-presidential candidate in must-win Ohio.

Gap Gets Serious About Vote Fraud by Deroy Murdock
The company says it will no longer sell "Vote Twice" buttons.

McCain's Honor
The John McCain of this campaign is the same as he ever was.

I Haven't Always Just Toed The Line
An interview with Sarah Palin.

Why Obama Is Competitive In Indiana by Matthew Tully
Confused & ignorant Indiana voters.

John Kerry's "Understanding"
Will Obama tap him for the 'no preconditions' portfolio?

Obama vs. Clinton by John Berlau
Running against prosperity.

SNL Skewers Olbermann As A Pompous Dishonest Buffoon
Hilarious video.