Thursday, November 20, 2008

Required Reading 11/20

The Obama Health Plan Emerges
Liberals think the political moment has finally arrived to achieve what has eluded every other Democratic President from Harry Truman to Bill Clinton.

Ignore The Stock Market Until February
The current volatility is less about fundamentals than forced selling.

Let's Have A Real Middle-Class Tax Cut by Newt Gingrich
Obama's tax credits won't stimulate the economy.

Now Obama Has To Govern
There may be more difficulties than he realizes in closing Gitmo.

Electoral Polarization Continues Under Obama
The truth about Obama's polarization.

GOP Voters Were Apathetic by Gary Andres
Turnouts hurt McCain and others.

Why Doesn't Liberalism Have To Change When Democrats Lose? by Rush Limbaugh

Bridge Loan To Nowhere by Jim Manzi
Bailout can't fix Detriot Woes.

Detriot DIP by NRO Editors
There is no saving GM in its present state and no good argument for trying.

Failure Is Not An Option by Victor Davis Hanson
Today it seems the grossly incompetent and inefficient must be preserved at all costs.

Familiar Faces by David Freddoso
The new House GOP Leadership.

Hoping For Change In Education? by Liam Julian
The early signs indicate Obama has sided with the public-school status quo.

Confirming Fears by NRO Editors
In choosing Eric Holder to be Attorney General, Obama has taken a step toward confirming his return to the September 10th mentality.

Obama's War by Clifford May
In Afghanistan, the change we need is a shiny new COIN.

Doc Daschle by James Capretta
One cook in the health-reform kitchen.

Better Together With Barack by Jim Geraghty
Obama and the dinner-party crisis.

Genius, Thy Name Is Obama by Ann Coulter
Historians have just named Obama the best president-elect ever.

Bush's Legacy: European Socialism by Dick Morris
Without a vote, we are suddenly members of the European Union.

Purdue's Outgoing Football Coach by Tom Kubat
Joe Tiller leaves lasting memories.

All Or Nothing by Eric Neel
The University of Buffalo has been invited to one bowl game in its 102 seasons. This is the story of why the players chose not to go.

For The GOP, A Page From Daniels' Playbook by Matthew Tully
Many in the GOP are looking to Indiana's top boss for clues on how Republicans can emerge from a nasty political slump.