Friday, November 21, 2008

Required Reading 11/21

Home-field advantage Has Left The Building by Bill Simmons
The Colts willingly gave away the trump card of a deafening Hoosier Dome.

IU's Legal Tab Nears $500,000
School releases bills it had accumulated through July, including hearing in Seattle.

An Interview With Bob Ley by The Big Lead
One of the good guys.

Bail Out Capitalism, Not The Big Three
The pitative bailout of Detroit's Big Three is quite different from TARP, as it will only postpone the inevitable.

Bucket List Is Complete For A Regular Joe by Bob Kravitz
Thanks Joe.

Joe Tiller Ends Career In Fitting Fashion By AOL Fanhouse

ESPN Crew Has Fun With Big 12

Could Weis Be Cooked? By Dan Wetzel

Northwestern's Struggles Prove Tough To Overcome by Bob McClellan
Futility, thy name is Northwestern basketball.

Despite Bells And Whistles, "Office Of President-Elect" Holds No Authority
Obamaganda at its worst.

NPR Sends Wiccan Preistess To Public Prayer Booth
A pagan priestess runs into the president of the atheists in a phone booth in New York.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow by Pat Forde
Dashing Through The Notre Dame Irish Snow.