Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Required Reading 11/4

What We're Fighting For by John McCain
Protectionism and tax hikes are wrong for the economy.

Leap of Hope
Sometimes the gambles pay off, sometimes they don't.

The Change We Need by Barack Obama
I will run the country into the ground.

Are Obama's Friends Fair Game?
Prof Khalidi thinks your associates matter.

What If Wright Played A Bigger Role?
It was the dog that didn't bark.

Predicting Tonight
Hope and change.

Vote Today
Today is election day. Unhappily, that fact matters less than it once did, since Americans now have been voting for weeks.

Where Was The Ad by Bill Whittle
And there must be some excellent reason we didn't see this from the McCain campaign, right?

Soldiering Suffrage by Mark Hemingway
Fighting for their votes.

Why The Polls Overstate Obama's Lead
His best and worst demographics are notoriously difficult to predict accurately.

United States Of France
The same policies that have failed in Europe won't work here.

Will Americans Really Vote To Fundamentally Transform America?
Today, Americans decide on whether, in the words of Obama, to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

Sorry, But Obama Scares Me by David Limbaugh
Obama's entire campaign has been based on the need for radical, transformational change, which implies there is something very wrong with America.

Voters Think Obama's The Ronald Reagan Tax-Cutter Of The 2008 Election by Larry Kudlow
Wouldn't it be the height of irony if Barack Obama wins this election as the Ronald Reagan tax-cutter? His tax plans are severely flawed and his campaign narrative to support them is all wrong.

A Sound Economy by Thomas Sowell
The truest thing that Senator McCain said during this election campaign is what got him in the most trouble.

Where The Polls Went Wrong
Flashback to the 1980 Election.

Professor Brags About Stealing GOP Signs
Liberal coward.

Affirmative Action And Gay Marriage by Thomas Sowell
None of us has a right to other people's approval.

Who Failed The Right The Most Tonight?
A poll by Newsbusters.