Friday, December 19, 2008

Required Reading 12/19

Cinderalla vs. The Barracuda by Jonah Goldberg
A perfect example of the bowel-stewing self-indulgence of elite liberalism.

The Real Torture Disgrace
The left gears up to prosecute Bush officials for protecting the country.

Democrats Are The New Ethics Story
Blagojevich is just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama And The Rick Warren Flap
The president-elect needed someone to give the invocation. He wasn't going to pick Rev. Wright, was he?

'Tis The Season For Porn
Cultural Poison.

A Republican Stimulus Plan
Act now.

Caroline's Poll Fault
She skipped key elections, city files show.

Cronyism In An Era Of Change
The era of new politics is the same Vanity Fair as the old.

No Mercy For Jihad Johnny
A saboteur of American Freedom.

Power And Pedigree by Charles Krauthammer
If Princess Caroline wants a seat in the Senate, let her do it by election.

The Employee Free Choice Act Is Unconstitutional
Free speech and the takings clause are at stake.

Let's Restructure Washington While We're At It
Congress is at least as unresponsive to consumer demand as Detroit.

Who We (Still) Are
A little perspective for the pessimistic "age of the empty suit."

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Required Reading 12/18

Better Than A Bailout
Giving Americans two months off from paying federal income and payroll taxes would prove a far more potent "stimulus" than any plan dreamed up by Treasury aides and Capitol Hill bureaucrats. Anything a few hundred Washington operatives can do with that bailout money, 150 million American workers and entrepreneurs can do better, faster, and smarter.

To Catch A Thief
Bernard Madoff's alleged $50 billion fraud is giving politicians and investors who failed to diversify another excuse to blame too little enforcement in U.S. financial markets.

Players' Drug Use Wrecked IU season
Sampson 'tried to stop it' but was focused on wins.

The Madoff Inheritance
It's so nice Congress and Sheila Bair want to bail out these poor souls who knew so little about borrowing. Bernard Madoff's victims will get no such succor, even the most deserving.

Madoff Exploited The Jews
Networks of trust are vulnerable. No law can change that.

The Kennedy Entitlement
Can David Paterson say 'No' to Caroline?

Organizing The White House Is Obama's First Test by Karl Rove
All presidents come to realize how much structure matters.

Obama Should Forget About Energy Independence
The only way to get there is job-killing taxes.

Deleveraging Can Save Jobs
A simple change in tax policy would make it easier for companies to retire debt.

Ford's High-Stakes Gamble by George Will
Seeking A Ford In Our Future.

Playing Bridge
A conservative approach to infrastructure.

One Plus One Equals 20 Extra Votes For Franken
If the Republican Party can't protect an election won by the incumbent U.S. senator in Minnesota, there is no point in donating to the Republican Party.

Campaign Rhetoric and Presidential Reality by Victor Davis Hanson
Consider this brief history of foreign-policy posturing.

Court The Big Three
Paulson & Detroit.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Required Reading 12/17

Could The Blago Scandal Ensare Team Obama by Byron York
If you don't think it can, you don't know prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

Bernanke Goes All In
If the current Fed believes there are limits to monetary policy, you can't tell from yesterday's Open Market Committee statement.

Put Madoff In Charge Of Social Security
Madoff's clients went on "reputation," which is to say they acquired their faith in Mr. Madoff more or less the way people acquire their faith in global warming and many other things, from people equally as ignorant as they.

Pyramid Schemes Are As American As Apple Pie
How President Grant was taken by the Madoff of his day.

Wait-Listed To Death
Improving incentives for organ donations.

Obama's Education Choice
A 'reformer' who doesn't bother the unions.

Defeat Malaria? Yes We Can.
Glaxo's vaccine shows promise.

Don't Pull Back
'Progressive' policies would cause economic regression.

Welcome To The Blagosphere
The governor practiced market-based management.

The Real Housewives Of Crook County by Michelle Malkin
First Lady by day, Dragon Lady by night.

Shock-And-Awe Easing by Larry Kudlow
Bernanke joins Team Obama.

Ghosts At Hyannis Port by Michael Knox Beran
Caroline Kennedy channels Grandpa Joe.

Postponing Reality by Thomas Sowell
The triumph of the non-judgemental philosophy of high-toned circles.

It's No Time To Panic by Jonah Goldberg
Let's take a national walk around the block.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Required Reading 12/16

Barack Obama-san
Not to spoil the party, but this is not a new idea. Keynesian "pump-priming" in a recession has often been tried, and as an economic stimulus it is overrated.

Let's Buy Pakistan's Nukes
If Pakistanis thought a bomb would be a net national asset, they miscalculated.

Condi's Korean Failure
Putting diplomacy above disarmament.

The Sole Of Liberation
Real change is afoot.

The Lessons From 30 Years Of Chinese Reform
One of the greatest economic booms in history, but an emerging turn back to the left.

How Blackwater Serves America
Think of our staff as soldiers who re-enlist.

Bankruptcy Is The Perfect Remedy For Detroit
Washington hates the idea because it would lose leverage.

Google Wants Its Own Fast Track On The Web
The celebrated openness of the Internet -- network providers are not supposed to give preferential treatment to any traffic -- is quietly losing powerful defenders.

Gitmo Lawyers Are The Latest In Radical Chic
How about some pro bono work for the government.

The Shoe 'Nuf Truth
On Sunday, President Bush ducked two shoes hurled towards him in Baghdad. But he never ducked his responsibilities in Iraq.

The Bush Legacy
It will take historians years to sort out the president's mixed record.

Dittohead Nation by Jay Nordlinger
Colin Powell, as you may have heard, has pronounced that, in order to rebound, the Republican party needs to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. I say: The Republican party would be better off not listening to Colin Powell.

Paulson's Pliable Plan by Rich Lowry
In retrospect Paulson's conduct verges on bad faith.

Free Two Shoes by Mark Hemingway
Some may not have noticed, but the Zeidi incident demonstrates the success of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The Good Obama Can Do by Mona Charen
Imagine him lecturing young people about the need to get married before having babies.

What's In A Middle Name by David Limbaugh
Surely, after Obama's acolytes scolded commentators for using Barack's Muslim-sounding middle name during the campaign, the president-elect himself wouldn't so quickly reverse course. But, in fact, he did.

Democrats Risk Losing Hispanics
One of the big bonuses Democrats enjoyed this year was a surge of support among Hispanic voters, a surge larger than the party would have dared to dream of just a couple of years ago.

Rush Responds To General Powell
The Republican Party is in the situation it's in precisely because of the people like Colin Powell and John McCain and others who have devised this new definition and identity of the party which is responsible for electing Democrats all over this country.

Keep Fitzgerald On The Job
Whether the case involves Mafia bosses, international terrorists or public corruption, Mr. Fitzgerald views bringing criminals to justice as a kind of moral imperative.

Making It
How Chicago Shaped Obama.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Required Reading 12/15

Fund Fraud Hits Big Names
Madoff's clients included Mets owner, GMAC chairman, country-club recruits.

Bush Blinks On The Auto Bailout
Now Barack Obama will have to face the UAW.

Innocents Die In The Drug War
Of all the casualties claimed by the U.S. "war on drugs" in Latin America, perhaps none so fully captures its senselessness and injustice as the 2001 CIA-directed killing of Christian missionary Veronica Bowers and her daughter Charity in Peru.

Disarming Ourselves
A new report warns Obama about our aging nuclear weapons.

Iran's YouTube Generation
Defiance on display.

Internet Attacks Are A Real And Growing Problem
A new report says cyberway isn't science fiction.

The Blago Scandal: What's The Rush? by Byron York
Are Obama allies stoking a crisis to push an embarrassing scandal offstage?

Dubious Dialogue by Amir Taheri
Obama has been toying with the idea of dialogue with the Islamic world for two years now - but he has yet to approach the idea of actually saying anything meaningful.

Sinise: A Man For All Services
Since war became a geographically distant but very real way of life after Sept. 11, 2001, no Hollywood star has stepped up to support active duty U.S. military personnel and wounded veterans like Gary Sinise.

Scientists Denounce AP For Hysterical Global Warming Article by Noel Sheppard
Scientists from around the world are denouncing an Associated Press article hysterically claiming that global warming is "a ticking time bomb" about to explode, and that we're "running out of time" to do anything about it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Required Reading 12/14

Mitch McConnell's Finest Hour
By refusing to write a blank check to Detroit, Senate Republicans have started to reclaim some credibility on fiscal policy and the role of government in the economy.

Even Chicago's Crooks Are Appalled By Blagojevich
Extorting Children's Hospital is a new political low.

The 'Certified' Teacher Myth
It doesn't help classroom performance.

Bush Was No Unilateralist
The president's longest serving senior diplomat says conventional wisdom is wrong.

Media Mistakes On Detroit's Dive
Why is there no shame in helping to sell Toyota's p.r. campaign?

Obama's 'My Pet Goat' Moment
You'd have thought the Bears had failed to make the playoffs.

Bush Signs Security Deal In Iraq
President Bush signed a milestone security pact here Sunday during a surprise farewell visit to Iraq, followed by a trip today to Afghanistan to rally with troops.

Separating The Terror And The Terrorists
When 10 young men in an inflatable lifeboat came ashore in Mumbai last month and went on a rampage with machine guns and grenades, taking hostages, setting fires and murdering men, women and children, they were described by many labels.

Who's Losing The U.S. Car Business? by Larry Kudlow
Look no farther than the UAW.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Required Reading 12/12

UAW Is Driving Detroit Off A Cliff by Henry Payne
The coddled union won't make concessions on its industry-killing contract.

Rezko Emerges With Central Role In Case
Mr. Rezko appears to be playing a key role in the case against Mr. Blagojevich, which, coupled with an unrelated, recently filed lawsuit in that state, could give Obama critics grist for their attempts to tie him to corrupt Chicago politics.

Blagojevich Thrived by Capitalizing on Connections
Prosecutors say Governor saw open Senate seat as escape hatch from mounting debt as new law was set to cut funding source.

Rescue Bid for Detroit Collapses in Senate
Common sense prevails.

Corporate Leadership And The Crisis by Carly Fiorina
As we watch the CEOs of the Big Three auto companies plead at congressional hearings for taxpayer money to avert "catastrophe," the great debate about the proper role of government continues with new urgency.

It Will Get Better
An interview with Charles Schwab.

Obama's Carbon Busters
A team of Al Gore's protégés takes over energy policy.

Wasting Paul Volcker
Obama needs him for more than 'car czar.'

Greece Is Burning
Lost principles have led to lost control.

Who Will Govern Illinois?
So who is Pat Quinn? By all accounts, he is a populist reformer, fiscally conservative for a Democrat and, refreshingly, an honest man. That's important in a state that has seen four of its governors indicted on corruption charges in the last 35 years.

Rectitude Chic by Peggy Noonan
The first Christmas in the age of restraint.

The Big Ten needs a Valiant bowl season

Obama Damage Control
He was elected president on a promise of "transparency" but barely five weeks later, Barack Obama is scrambling to meet his first big test on openness.

Obama Bungles Blago Response
"The rule of thumb is whatever you did, say it and get it over with and make it a one-day story as opposed to a three-day story. Politicians are always misjudging the intelligence of the American people."

U.S. Says It Will Bail Out Christmas
Easter and even Valentine's Day might be next.

Shelby, South Lead Resistance to Rescue
Foreign auto makers have favored the South in part because of its nonunion, low-wage tradition, and these senators argue that if the Big Three's labor relations more closely resembled those of the Southern plants, they wouldn't be in such trouble.

Carbon Caps 'Disastrous' For Texas
Gov. Rick Perry said federal regulation of carbon-dioxide emissions would be "absolutely economically disastrous" for energy-rich Texas, one of the few parts of the country still adding jobs.

On the Lawless Seas, It's Not Easy Putting Somali Pirates in the Dock
Though piracy is a globally recognized crime, few governments are willing to navigate the legal and logistical barriers that impede convicting seaborn bandits.

Top Broker Accused of $50 Billion Fraud
Sons Turned In Madoff After He Allegedly Told Them His Investment-Advisory Business for the Wealthy Was 'Giant Ponzi Scheme.'

Browner And Greener
Needless to say, the nation’s energy crisis is no longer Barack Obama’s top priority.

Down On Browner by Michelle Malkin
Regression We Can't Afford

Obama The Centrist? by Charles Krauthammer
The president-elect can boast of a moderate cabinet, but radical transformation remains his goal.

Another Modest Proposal
Forget Detroit. It's long past time we restructured America.

The Heart Of Blago by Rich Lowry
It's useful to remember that mkost politicians have an inner Blagojevich.

A Little Blago For Everyone by Jonah Goldberg
A cornucopia of corrupt crapulence.

Muslims Vs. Iran
It is widely assumed that the biggest victim of a nuclear Iran would be Israel. In fact, freedom-loving Muslims in neighboring countries know they have at least as much to fear.

Unusual Suspects
For President Obama, too, the first international crisis could be something that not one of us foresees (although, as always, events will seem obvious in hindsight). But there are also a number of potential crises hiding in broad daylight - and ignored.

Getting Warmer by NRO Editors
Obama promised to submit to the global consensus on climate change, but that consensus no longer exists as an operational political fact.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Required Reading 12/11

Obama Was Mute On Illinois Corruption
The president-elect could use his bully pulpit to drive a clean-up.

We Need A Bailout Exit Strategy by Christopher Cox
Let's not forget that free markets made America strong.

How The GOP Should Prepare For A Comeback by Karl Rove
Organization and ideas are what matters.

Whitewashing Fannie Mae
Congress begins its self-absolution campaign.

Bankruptcy Doesn't Equal Death
The auto industry could use the process to get competitive.

Minnesota Ballots: Land of 10,000 Fakes by Ann Coulter
Election recounts are never intended to get more accurate results. They are simply opportunities for Democrats to manufacture new votes and steal elections.

Don't They Know It's Fitzmas? by Eric Zorn
Tuesday was a great day in Illinois, a thrilling day, an exciting, hopeful day; one of the few happy days we've had lately.

Who Is Advisor B by Byron York
An unnamed Washington politico is apparently a key player in the Obama Senate-seat scandal.

Good Old-Fashioned Graft? by Mona Charen
Illinois and political scandal.

Blood And Diamonds by Roger Bate
Zimbabwe's kleptocrats are at war with their own people.

Blame Bush, Barack, Or Us? by Victor Davis Hanson
Unpopular policies concerning terrorism, energy, and finance are of long duration -- and not all will change.

Subsidizing Failure by NRO Editors
Politics has trumped prudence, and the real goal of this bailout plainly is not to help the automakers become sustainable businesses but to preserve union jobs and subsidize hybrid cars.

Blame The Bailouts On Mister Rogers
Mister Fred Rogers started every show telling us that we were “special” just the way we were.
When we weren’t.

Abe Should Belong To Indiana by Matthew Tully
Politicians in Illinois have made Lincoln roll over in his grave so many times he's now all the way back to his boyhood home in Indiana.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Required Reading 12/10

Democratic Culture Of Corruption by Michelle Malkin
Illinois invades.

Unpardonable by David Freddoso
An Illinois congressman tries to stop Bush from freeing a corrupt former governor.

And The Best Executive M.B.A. Programs in 2008 Are....
In the Journal's first survey, two schools stand far above the rest.

Calling All Cars: Trouble At Chuck E. Cheese's, Again
Kid-Centric pizza parlors become stage for adult bad behavior, as mama-bear instincts kick in and fight breaks out.

M.B.A.'s Veer Off Path To Big Finance Jobs
As recruiting season begins on business-school campuses, the collapse of major banks on Wall Street has many soon-to-graduate M.B.A.s rethinking their post-graduate paths.

NPR To Cut Work Force By 7%
In March, it will cancel "Day to Day" and "News and Notes," currently broadcast nationwide on member stations.

Ranking The Returns On Executive M.B.A.s
Applications for most executive M.B.A. programs are due early next year, and many working executives are weighing whether to make such a hefty investment in an uncertain economy.

Questionable Associations Of Obama
In his life and career in Illinois, President-elect Barack Obama has crossed paths with some notable figures who have drawn scorn and scrutiny.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Required Reading 12/9

The Chicago Way, On Tape
This wiretap was golden.

Stimulus Shouldn't Be An Excuse For Pork
The nation's mayors have presented a revealing wish list to Washington.

Oklahoma Case Shows System Isn't Okay
Texas 45, Oklahoma 35. That score got my attention.

Why Did Fitzgerald Act Now? by Byron York
A corruption investigation stopped short.

A Day In The Life Of Chicago
Psst! Wanna buy a Senate seat?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Required Reading 12/8

How To Do Public Works Right
In urban areas like New York, economic growth is physically constrained.

Fairness Doctrine Based On Scarcity Of Fact
That Orwellian name was designed to disguise the doctrine’s use as the government’s instrument for preventing fair competition in the broadcasting of political commentary.

Small Isn't Beautiful by William Kristol
conservatives should think twice before charging into battle against Obama under the banner of "small-government conservatism."

O.J. Simpson Transferred From Vegas To Nevada Prison
O.J. to begin serving nine to 33 years for his felony convictions in a gunpoint confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers.

Indy Shifts Its Surveillance
Tough areas lose 4 police cameras to the Monon Trail.

The Obama Health-Care Express
What Democrats learned from the fall of HillaryCare.

Now For An Honest Debate On Gitmo
A funny thing happened on the road to Barack Obama's inaugural: America became open to rational debate on Guantanamo.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Required Reading 12/5

He Did Good by Mona Charen
But the Left won't give Bush credit.

O.J. Simpson Judge Known For Tough Sentences
The tough judge in O.J. Simpson's Las Vegas robbery-kidnap trial is refusing to let the fallen football star and his co-defendant appear in civilian clothes during sentencing on Friday.

Hoosiers Snapping Up Guns, Ammo
Some Hoosiers, fearing Democratic restrictions, are rushing to buy firearms and ammunition.

With Gas Prices Down Brokaw Wants To Tax Them To $4 A Gallon
If you needed any more proof that liberal media members don't give a darn about the state of the economy or the American people, and instead just want to raise taxes, you got it.

Pirates, Terrorism, And Failed States
It's time to get serious about bringing order to palces like Somalia and Pakistan's tribal areas.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Required Reading 12/4

Change Or No Change? by David Freddoso
Which Obama Will Be President?

No New Deal For Big Three by NRO Editors
Last month, it was $25 billion. This month, it is $34 billion. Does anyone need a clearer illustration of what we’re getting into if we bail out the Big Three automakers?

What's Left Of Freedom by Thomas Sowell
A non-opposition position.

Checking In With A Quartet Of Contenders by Seth Davis
Purdue is still one of the favorites to win the Big Ten, but the loss to Duke, coupled with its overtime defeat to Oklahoma in Madison Square Garden last week, exposed two fundamental problems.

Center Grove Avenges Lone Loss, Brings Home Indiana Class 5A Title
It was a championship eight years in the making, but it took an incredible six minute finish to close the deal.

Carmel Drama Looks Familiar To Outsiders by Matthew Tully
For at least one night, Carmel's government didn't look nearly as pretty as its City Hall.

In 17 Months, Will Burton Be Challenged? by Matthew Tully
On the political front, it's never too early to start thinking about the next election.

Free Plaxico Burress
New York City's gun law is unconstitutional.

D.C. Gun Ban Proponents Ignore The Facts by John Lott
While it may seem obvious to many people that banning guns will save lives, that has not been D.C.'s experience.

Obama's Environmental Test
The president-elect's picks for his energy and environment team could undo any smart moves so far.

Opening At The Fed
How to think about the world's most important job vacancy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Required Reading 12/3

The Bailout So Far
With pundits threatening the economy with deflation and another Great Depression, none have really been able to argue effectively against this expansion of government responsibility and interventionist zeal.

Eric Holder's Politics
His years at Clinton Justice don't inspire confidence.

McCain Couldn't Compete With Obama's Money by Karl Rove
America affirms Chicago's Golden Rule.

Obama's Not-So-Bold Job-Creation Promise by George Will
To the extent that his ambition is clear, it is notably modest.

The News From 2015: Senate Recount Is Settled At Last
The court held that lower courts had erred by refusing to count three decisive absentee ballots for Franken found two years ago jammed in the filter of a Brooklyn Park woman's vacuum cleaner.

The Cleanest State Meets The Pushiest Person by Ann Coulter
Until Now, Minnesota was always famous for its clean elections.

Back To The Old 9/11 World by Victor Davis Hanson
Now Obama gets the deal with Islamic terror, and has no Bush to blame.

What's RightWorld Doing Wrong?
A closer look at the current issues.

Bush Derangement Syndrome
There would be no cure with W. in the White House.

An Ugly Attack On Mormons by Jonah Goldberg
The easiest targets for an organized campaign against religious freedom of conscience.

Say No To Newspaper Bailouts by Michelle Malkin
Why not bring back town criers with public subsidies, as well?

Could John McCain Lose Again? by Byron York
After a presidential defeat, the Arizona senator starts a new run at home.

Barack Obama - Steady As She Goes by Rich Lowry
It's as moderate as any Democrat's national security picks could possibly get.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Required Reading 12/2

Travels With Hillary
Two Secretaries of State for the price of one.

Media Narratives Feed Terrorist Fantasies
Why has the media been so intent on magnifying genuine scandals?

Wetzel's Playoff Plan: I'll drink to that
Before we get to the playoff, let’s start by giving the Bowl Championship Series some credit. It might not be a good system, but it is better than the old one.

Iraq's New Dawn by Michael Yon
Victory Across The Board.

Why Notre Dame Has Fallen Behind In Quest For Talent
By placing the school's primary mission above athletic success, they chose correctly.