Thursday, December 11, 2008

Required Reading 12/11

Obama Was Mute On Illinois Corruption
The president-elect could use his bully pulpit to drive a clean-up.

We Need A Bailout Exit Strategy by Christopher Cox
Let's not forget that free markets made America strong.

How The GOP Should Prepare For A Comeback by Karl Rove
Organization and ideas are what matters.

Whitewashing Fannie Mae
Congress begins its self-absolution campaign.

Bankruptcy Doesn't Equal Death
The auto industry could use the process to get competitive.

Minnesota Ballots: Land of 10,000 Fakes by Ann Coulter
Election recounts are never intended to get more accurate results. They are simply opportunities for Democrats to manufacture new votes and steal elections.

Don't They Know It's Fitzmas? by Eric Zorn
Tuesday was a great day in Illinois, a thrilling day, an exciting, hopeful day; one of the few happy days we've had lately.

Who Is Advisor B by Byron York
An unnamed Washington politico is apparently a key player in the Obama Senate-seat scandal.

Good Old-Fashioned Graft? by Mona Charen
Illinois and political scandal.

Blood And Diamonds by Roger Bate
Zimbabwe's kleptocrats are at war with their own people.

Blame Bush, Barack, Or Us? by Victor Davis Hanson
Unpopular policies concerning terrorism, energy, and finance are of long duration -- and not all will change.

Subsidizing Failure by NRO Editors
Politics has trumped prudence, and the real goal of this bailout plainly is not to help the automakers become sustainable businesses but to preserve union jobs and subsidize hybrid cars.

Blame The Bailouts On Mister Rogers
Mister Fred Rogers started every show telling us that we were “special” just the way we were.
When we weren’t.

Abe Should Belong To Indiana by Matthew Tully
Politicians in Illinois have made Lincoln roll over in his grave so many times he's now all the way back to his boyhood home in Indiana.