Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Required Reading 12/16

Barack Obama-san
Not to spoil the party, but this is not a new idea. Keynesian "pump-priming" in a recession has often been tried, and as an economic stimulus it is overrated.

Let's Buy Pakistan's Nukes
If Pakistanis thought a bomb would be a net national asset, they miscalculated.

Condi's Korean Failure
Putting diplomacy above disarmament.

The Sole Of Liberation
Real change is afoot.

The Lessons From 30 Years Of Chinese Reform
One of the greatest economic booms in history, but an emerging turn back to the left.

How Blackwater Serves America
Think of our staff as soldiers who re-enlist.

Bankruptcy Is The Perfect Remedy For Detroit
Washington hates the idea because it would lose leverage.

Google Wants Its Own Fast Track On The Web
The celebrated openness of the Internet -- network providers are not supposed to give preferential treatment to any traffic -- is quietly losing powerful defenders.

Gitmo Lawyers Are The Latest In Radical Chic
How about some pro bono work for the government.

The Shoe 'Nuf Truth
On Sunday, President Bush ducked two shoes hurled towards him in Baghdad. But he never ducked his responsibilities in Iraq.

The Bush Legacy
It will take historians years to sort out the president's mixed record.

Dittohead Nation by Jay Nordlinger
Colin Powell, as you may have heard, has pronounced that, in order to rebound, the Republican party needs to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. I say: The Republican party would be better off not listening to Colin Powell.

Paulson's Pliable Plan by Rich Lowry
In retrospect Paulson's conduct verges on bad faith.

Free Two Shoes by Mark Hemingway
Some may not have noticed, but the Zeidi incident demonstrates the success of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The Good Obama Can Do by Mona Charen
Imagine him lecturing young people about the need to get married before having babies.

What's In A Middle Name by David Limbaugh
Surely, after Obama's acolytes scolded commentators for using Barack's Muslim-sounding middle name during the campaign, the president-elect himself wouldn't so quickly reverse course. But, in fact, he did.

Democrats Risk Losing Hispanics
One of the big bonuses Democrats enjoyed this year was a surge of support among Hispanic voters, a surge larger than the party would have dared to dream of just a couple of years ago.

Rush Responds To General Powell
The Republican Party is in the situation it's in precisely because of the people like Colin Powell and John McCain and others who have devised this new definition and identity of the party which is responsible for electing Democrats all over this country.

Keep Fitzgerald On The Job
Whether the case involves Mafia bosses, international terrorists or public corruption, Mr. Fitzgerald views bringing criminals to justice as a kind of moral imperative.

Making It
How Chicago Shaped Obama.