Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Required Reading 12/17

Could The Blago Scandal Ensare Team Obama by Byron York
If you don't think it can, you don't know prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

Bernanke Goes All In
If the current Fed believes there are limits to monetary policy, you can't tell from yesterday's Open Market Committee statement.

Put Madoff In Charge Of Social Security
Madoff's clients went on "reputation," which is to say they acquired their faith in Mr. Madoff more or less the way people acquire their faith in global warming and many other things, from people equally as ignorant as they.

Pyramid Schemes Are As American As Apple Pie
How President Grant was taken by the Madoff of his day.

Wait-Listed To Death
Improving incentives for organ donations.

Obama's Education Choice
A 'reformer' who doesn't bother the unions.

Defeat Malaria? Yes We Can.
Glaxo's vaccine shows promise.

Don't Pull Back
'Progressive' policies would cause economic regression.

Welcome To The Blagosphere
The governor practiced market-based management.

The Real Housewives Of Crook County by Michelle Malkin
First Lady by day, Dragon Lady by night.

Shock-And-Awe Easing by Larry Kudlow
Bernanke joins Team Obama.

Ghosts At Hyannis Port by Michael Knox Beran
Caroline Kennedy channels Grandpa Joe.

Postponing Reality by Thomas Sowell
The triumph of the non-judgemental philosophy of high-toned circles.

It's No Time To Panic by Jonah Goldberg
Let's take a national walk around the block.