Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Required Reading 12/3

The Bailout So Far
With pundits threatening the economy with deflation and another Great Depression, none have really been able to argue effectively against this expansion of government responsibility and interventionist zeal.

Eric Holder's Politics
His years at Clinton Justice don't inspire confidence.

McCain Couldn't Compete With Obama's Money by Karl Rove
America affirms Chicago's Golden Rule.

Obama's Not-So-Bold Job-Creation Promise by George Will
To the extent that his ambition is clear, it is notably modest.

The News From 2015: Senate Recount Is Settled At Last
The court held that lower courts had erred by refusing to count three decisive absentee ballots for Franken found two years ago jammed in the filter of a Brooklyn Park woman's vacuum cleaner.

The Cleanest State Meets The Pushiest Person by Ann Coulter
Until Now, Minnesota was always famous for its clean elections.

Back To The Old 9/11 World by Victor Davis Hanson
Now Obama gets the deal with Islamic terror, and has no Bush to blame.

What's RightWorld Doing Wrong?
A closer look at the current issues.

Bush Derangement Syndrome
There would be no cure with W. in the White House.

An Ugly Attack On Mormons by Jonah Goldberg
The easiest targets for an organized campaign against religious freedom of conscience.

Say No To Newspaper Bailouts by Michelle Malkin
Why not bring back town criers with public subsidies, as well?

Could John McCain Lose Again? by Byron York
After a presidential defeat, the Arizona senator starts a new run at home.

Barack Obama - Steady As She Goes by Rich Lowry
It's as moderate as any Democrat's national security picks could possibly get.