Friday, December 5, 2008

Required Reading 12/5

He Did Good by Mona Charen
But the Left won't give Bush credit.

O.J. Simpson Judge Known For Tough Sentences
The tough judge in O.J. Simpson's Las Vegas robbery-kidnap trial is refusing to let the fallen football star and his co-defendant appear in civilian clothes during sentencing on Friday.

Hoosiers Snapping Up Guns, Ammo
Some Hoosiers, fearing Democratic restrictions, are rushing to buy firearms and ammunition.

With Gas Prices Down Brokaw Wants To Tax Them To $4 A Gallon
If you needed any more proof that liberal media members don't give a darn about the state of the economy or the American people, and instead just want to raise taxes, you got it.

Pirates, Terrorism, And Failed States
It's time to get serious about bringing order to palces like Somalia and Pakistan's tribal areas.