Monday, December 8, 2008

Required Reading 12/8

How To Do Public Works Right
In urban areas like New York, economic growth is physically constrained.

Fairness Doctrine Based On Scarcity Of Fact
That Orwellian name was designed to disguise the doctrine’s use as the government’s instrument for preventing fair competition in the broadcasting of political commentary.

Small Isn't Beautiful by William Kristol
conservatives should think twice before charging into battle against Obama under the banner of "small-government conservatism."

O.J. Simpson Transferred From Vegas To Nevada Prison
O.J. to begin serving nine to 33 years for his felony convictions in a gunpoint confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers.

Indy Shifts Its Surveillance
Tough areas lose 4 police cameras to the Monon Trail.

The Obama Health-Care Express
What Democrats learned from the fall of HillaryCare.

Now For An Honest Debate On Gitmo
A funny thing happened on the road to Barack Obama's inaugural: America became open to rational debate on Guantanamo.